Business Improvement & Innovation Network

build lasting relationships through shared learning experiences

A “Hands’ On” networking & learning experience focused on building relationships while gaining insights and perspectives from peers and expert speakers.

BIIN is a new free monthly networking & learning event for leaders, executives & business owners.  While networking is central to the evening, our aim is to build lasting relationships through shared learning experiences that add value to your organisation.

Each month a guest speaker will facilitate the event, with networking and more importantly, a team learning activity in their area of expertise.  A take home learning that you can apply in your organisation.  This shared learning experience allows members to connect at a deeper level, and gain insights and perspectives from peers and expert speakers

This Month

Peter Turvey -

Get Remarkable Results from Extraordinary Insights.

Some  people think that a good salesperson can persuade a customer to buy something whether they want it or not. And that sales training is about teaching you how to do that. is different. And we'll teach you to be different too.
We don't turn out ordinary salespeople. We train outstanding sales professionals who learn that the most successful sales technique isn't about telling. It's about listening.
Forget the sales patter. Our technique is about asking questions. Being concerned. Digging deep to find out what the customer really wants and really values. Sometimes it's the most surprising thing.

Peter will walk you through his 10 critical behaviours to ensure you close sales with confidence first time, every time. 

"You don't close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term successful enterprise."

Peter Turvey

Peter is a sales profession of almost 30 years having worked in various industries.  It is this vast experience that has led Peter to develop his technique that will challenge the way you think about sales. Peters focus in on listening and building trust with clients to establish lasting relationships.  His proven approach in not about selling but the psychology of buying.

Future Events

Members of the network are invited to submit proposals to share their expertise or suggest topics for future events.  Upcoming and proposed events include:

-Innovation & Design Thinking
-Business Model Innovation
-Getting GDPR Ready

The Facilitator

Stuart Nelson BA (Psych) MPSI; Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt

Stuart works with organisations to solve problems and enable them to develop a Growth Mindset.  Significant management and team leadership experience is combined with over 8 years coaching, training, and consulting.  Recognizing the critical role of the individual in Lean improvements, Stuart completed psychological research into the leader’s role in team engagement, learning and openness to change.  The findings of this research have been presented at academic and professional conferences.  Stuart holds Black Belts in Lean and Six Sigma along with 3rd level qualifications in Psychology, Coaching, Innovation and training.  He is an approved provider of the Enterprise Ireland and IDA Lean offer.

Leaders, executives & business owners who are looking to both expand their network and gain valuable insight from peers and expert speakers.

The business innovation & learning network is a free event, supported by Jigsaw Consulting, Bank of Ireland & monthly sponsors.