LEAN Thinking

"Lean is the belief that Waste exists in all processes"

Our Aim is to eliminate Waste & only have steps that add Value to clients.

Why Lean matters now?

  • 1


    Leaner, efficient processes reduce cost of goods & Services

  • 2

    Employee Engagement

    Bottom up ownership of improvement activities, employees drive change

  • 3


    Less time on Wasteful activities, more time to solve issues for client and improve offering

  • 4

    Customer Engagement

    Happier customers, improved value proposition

  • 5


    Lean is key to government strategy to ensure agility in face of uncertainty.

Lean Principles

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    Understand & quantify customer value, focus on what is of VALUE to the customer

  • 2

    The Value Stream

    Map all VA, NVA and Waste steps before you implement or change anything
    Separate non-value added from value added Map the actions required to produce (value stream) Eliminate activities that do not move the product closer to its final form

  • 3


    Remove all barriers to flow e.g. delays & defects, Make the remaining value added activities flow smoothly

  • 4


    Implement pull systems, Produce only what customers need

  • 5


    Continue to build better and better systems, Continuous Improvement